Engineering Consulting- Start-up Challenges

February 2017

Abstract - As the entrepreneurship and start-up culture is being promoted in India, the numerous challenges are being faced by the entrepreneurs. In the light of this, the various challenges in the engineering consulting start-up have been highlighted in this paper. Further, some essentials to keep the engineering consulting company on a sustainable growth path have been suggested in the paper. It is hoped that the challenges mentioned and the essentials suggested serve as guiding points for the engineering consulting companies, which can help them keep on a robust and sustainable growth path.

Paper-Teesta III HEP- Technical Innovations

January 2017

Abstract - Teesta III HEP (1200 MW), Sikkim, India is one of the largest hydropower project in India. The paper brings out the synopsis of the technical innovations carried out in the project from November 2015 to September 2016 (commissioning phase).

Case Study - Project Management : ‘Use of Whatsapp application in Project Management of 1200 MW Teesta III HEP in Sikkim’

December 2016

Abstract - The Case study brings out the use of IT application in Project Management of a 1200 MW Teesta III Hydroelectric Project in Sikkim which led to faster flow of information, transparency in information sharing and timely troubleshooting of the problems encountered during construction and commissioning stageleading to efficient engineering management of the project. The end results are - saving on project cost by eliminating time overruns and minimising time required for troubleshooting.

Book on ‘Hydropower for Common Understanding’

December 2016

Abstract - The book brings out the various dimensions of hydropower development in India. The book is written with the objective to bring differing view- points of different subject experts on common platform so as to form a common understanding and enable all stakeholders to reach a consensus. This will further the hydropower sector development thus leading to generation of a clean energy and energy security of the country.

Sector –wise Summary of Generating Hydropower Stations in India (as on March 2016)

December 2016

Abstract - Compilation brings out sector wise (Central Sector, State Sector and Private sector) list on number of generating hydropower stations.

Sector –wise Summary of under-construction Hydropower Projects in India (as on March 2016)

December 2016

Abstract - Compilation brings out sector wise (Central Sector, State Sector and Private Sector) list on number of under-construction hydropower projects.